Self-portrait with kids. March 2017. Digital.

Hi! I’m Jenelle. I am a wife, mother, teacher, and artist.
I use photography as a way to document history. Our family history. I have a shelf stacked full with photo albums. They are filled with snapshots and portraits. They tell the little stories of our everyday and the big stories of our most treasured memories. (Yes, I even print out iPhone pictures!) These images define us and remind us of who we were and how we felt in that moment in time. I dream of the day I can sit on the floor with my grand kids and show them the story of their parents.

I am a mother of 2 (Henry and Madeline) and a wife to my best friend, Seth. I am a photographer. My family is my most photographed subject. In my family is where my heart lives and where my soul thrives. I see our world in a frame. I believe that every photo is important, no matter what camera you use or who is taking the photo. It creates a piece of our story. It captures us in a moment of time and reveals a raw truth that holds the power to elicit an emotion.

My day job takes me to a kindergarten classroom where I teach children to read and how to walk in a line. At the end of each day I come home to a messy house filled with love. You can find me most evenings on the playground with my kids and a glass of wine while our dishes from dinner sit dirty in the kitchen.

Follow my journey on Instagram as I complete in a 365 Photography Project. Each day I will take a photo that captures our everyday story. At the end of the year, I will have a collection of images that shows how we lived, how we grew and how we loved.
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